1. Size of the Library in sq. mtrs 78.08 sw. mtrs
2. No. of Periodicals 4
3. No. of Dailies 5
4. No. of Reference books class-wise 8876
5. No. of Magazine 15
6. Other Nil

  • Students are encouraged to use class and school Libraries under the guidance of their class teachers and the Librarian.
  • Library Books are issued to the pupil once a week on the days fixed for each class. These must be returned within 7 days and, if required, may be reissued for another 7 days.
  • Students are expected to take care of the library books. Writing or marking on the book is strictly forbidden. Damages/loss of books, while in possession of the students, will have to be made good by the students in whose names the books have been issued.
  • Books are issued exclusively for the use of the borrower. Anyone found loaning books to other person may be denied the facility of the Library and a fine will be imposed.
  • Reference Books and Periodicals will not be issued to the students. However, they may refer to them during the Library period.
  • Books must be returned before the commencement of each terminal examination. If students fail to do so neither their results nor the School Leaving Certificate will be given.