Examination & Promotion

  • For Classes I to IX, each year there will be two examinations of 100 marks each, half in June/July and final in December. Besides these examinations students will be continuously assessed by means of class tests, assignments etc. as per the CCE Pattern of CBSE, Delhi. For Classes X to XII each year there will be three examinations at the school level of 100 marks each, First Term in June/July; Second Term in December & Third Term in January/February.
    Detailed Achievement/Report Cards showing the grades obtained by the pupils are issued for the information of the parents, shortly after the examinations.
    The results of the examinations held at the end of the scholastic year will be handed out to the parents.
  • Marks/Grades obtained in these tests will be counted in the final examination. Promotion to the next class is decided on the result of these examinations, tests and assignments held during the year. The final examination is not the only examination for promotion. Students failing in more than one subject may not be promoted to the next class.
  • Students and parents are reminded that the promotion for the next class will be as per the CBSE rules. While detentions are kept to a minimum, students who do not qualify as per the Assessment System will not be promoted. THE PRINCIPAL'S DECISION REGARDING PROMOTION OR DETENTION IS FINAL. Results declared are final and there will be no re-test.
  • The students of classes XI & XII will have the whole year's syllabus for the final/Pre-Board Examination.
  • The criteria for promotion for Classes IX to XII will be as per the C.B.S.E. Rules.
  • No special arrangements are made for the examination of pupils who, for any reason, absent themselves from any part or entire examination. Answer books submitted by the pupils in their examination will not, under any circumstances, be given to the parents, private tutors or others. Absence from the whole examination involves total loss of marks. Absence from one or more subjects in the tests involves loss of marks and will bring down the percentage and excludes the pupils from obtaining a grade. Students who fail to appear in any one of the papers due to illness/accidents must produce a medical certificate from the Govt. Hospital. Medical Certificates from private practitioners will not be accepted unless they are known to the school.
  • There can be no anticipation or postponement of any test. When students are ill they a on the basis of the Year's Performance.
  • On completion of the terminal examinations, report cards should be collected personally by parents/ guardians.
  • Willful breach of any of the regulations pertaining to the conduct of examinations is punishable with the expulsion from the examinations or, if subsequently discovered, with cancellation of the papers. Any tampering with reports (forging signature and changing the marks) will result in the parents being compelled to withdraw the student from the school.